BMF Burgen High Capacity Patrol Pack Coyote Tan

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This SF Burgen features removable side pouches, Internal light weight frame, large carry capacity, designed to be worn with belt kit. An awesome piece of professional kit favoured by UK Special Forces.

The Warrior SF BMF Burgen (Burgen is the UK term for ruck) was originally designed as a large medic's kit to be carried in conjuction with the standard belt based load out used by the SAS. This means that the pack does not have a waist belt like many rucks.  It is supposed to ride fairly high on the shoulders, and the bottom is to "rest" on the pouches worn on the MK I & MK IV belt load-outs. SAS Reece (Recon) teams also found the BMF to be well suited to thier needs, because the many outside pockets allow for thier particular gear needs. 

While roomy, the BMF is not desiged for super heavy loads, particulary if used without the MK I or MK IV belt kits, because the entire load would therefor be bourne by the shoulders. Remember, this is a PATROL PACK and not a deployment or expedition ruck.


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