About Us

About Us
THE NAME: A Tun is a large barrel that holds 4 Hogsheads or 256 Gallons of Beer! Tun Tavern was a great steakhouse and watering hole frequented by Benjamin Franklin in Colonial Philadelphia . Tun Tavern was the birth place for several historical organizations: circa 1747 St Georges Society & St Andrews Society Also the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Temple (1st in America) in1756, the Pennsylvania Militia was mustered at Tun Tavern. Then in October 1775 - United States Navy 10 November 1775 - United States Marine Corps

Tun Tavern Tactical, a veteran owned small business was established 10 NOV 2012 by a veteran holding the titles both Marine & Soldier. T3 operates in North Carolina about an hour from Camp Lejeune and Ft. Bragg. Our operation is primarily "online". Our #1 line of tactical kit, is with Warrior Assault Systems, Ltd of the UK, owned and operated by an SAS veteran, we also work with Chase Tactical who drew much of his kit from Warrior's well Our best blades are produced by US Army Special Forces Veterans at Pineland Cutlery, who own both the Spartan Blades and K-Bar brands. In addition, we work with a couple of large warehouse operations who do direct ship for accessories.`

WARPIPES: The Great Highland Bagpipe was declared to be a Weapon-of-War by the English Crown when banning the instrument's use by the Scotts. Since then the Bagpipe has roused & lead soldiers into battle, and provided the mournful sounds for requiem. Tun Tavern Tactical is honored to provide bagpipes made in the traditional way by small-operation Artisans. Our premier Warpipe is a "Every Clime & Place" Derlin pipe with patented lining for moisture control. It plays when others fail. From -30'F Northern Canada winter, to 120'F Sandbox. Additionally magnificent pipes made of African Blackwood, Cocobolo, and Mexican Ebony can be customized and made-to-order.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope to serve your needs.

B. Kenneth Lackey CEO T3 Tun Tavern Tactical LLC

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