Warrior is now having difficulty getting nylon from DuPont and Crye. This is a downstream result of the COVID shutdowns from last year.. Production has not yet caught up with the demand.


Product Update From Warrior

Good afternoon,

As we are all aware the global Covid 19 pandemic has been a difficult and testing time for all of us in both our personal and professional lives. We have managed to maintain a good level of manufacturing despite a very noticeable slow down in our supply chain, which as you know primarily consists of fabrics, webbing and plastic hardware manufactured in the USA. A fact which we are extremely proud of. As the global economy slowed down, flights were cancelled (our usual method of transport of component materials out of the USA). This saw huge delays and “back ups” of our orders with the US mills.

As the pandemic situation continues in the USA we are continuing to suffer from this “squeeze” on our supply of the very specialist fabrics used in our Laser cut range. At the same time the demand from our dealers has seen a very dramatic increase and we have therefore had to make the following decisions in relation to the laser cut range;

– In MultiCam we have to advise that the Low Profile Carrier will not be available for the fulfillment of new or existing orders for 6-8 weeks. Please plan/advise your customers accordingly.

– The anticipated phased introduction of the range in both Ranger Green and Black has been paused immediatley with re-commencement hoped to be in Quarter 4 of 2020.

– The introduction of the Laser cut range in Coyote Tan has, for the time being been postponed until the first quarter of 2021.

Please refer to your laser cut price list which we have amended .

Finally if I can ask for your continued understanding and support, these dates are based on the information we are receiving from our suppliers and the conditions they are currently working in. Should the situation change we may have to revisit these proposed dates.

We wish you good luck and best wishes during the coming weeks and that you, your families and colleagues stay safe.

Kind regards,

Scott Neilson.

European Operations Director.

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