Delivery of Orders

Most of our orders are sent out via the USPS, using Priority, Parcel Post, First Class etc. Occasionally we may use UPS or FedEx for shipments that are too large or heavy for USPS regs. Drop ship items (the 90% Gun Gear) are directly shipped from the warehouse by UPS. Please do not use PO Boxes for gun gear purchases.

Jeff Bezos has spoiled most Americans into believing orders can be on the doorstep within two hours of clicking “order”. Jeff sucks. Our warehouse partners are usually same-day or next-day shippers of purchases, however during COVID-19 we saw some delays there. On rare occasion, the in-stock status of an item from the warehouse partner has not caught up with real time (we are updated 2x/day) and the “in-stock” item was actually shipped to another customer. When this happens if the item is likely to be back in stock quickly we work to get the item to you. If it is not likely to be any time soon, we will refund your monies.

For our Warrior Assault Systems Ltd products, we keep on hand a great deal of the more popular items in the popular colors and sizes.

A term that we wish never reached our ears is “supply chain”. First came part 1 of Brexit when the pound momentarily slipped against the Euro and the EU dealers stripped every product off Warrior’s shelves. Before Warrior could fully recover, Covid-19 Pandemic struck. Warrior has 2 factories in Wuhan. On the raw materials side, here in the USA, during the nation-wide lock down, DuPont & Crye stopped making the nylon. Then wave II in the fall & winter saw more lock-downs and just for some salt, part 2 of Brexit. This meant that new shipping accounts and all kinds of fun with customs/trade agreements have to be sorted out as the UK is no longer under the EU Free-trade agreements. The timing of BREXIT is during the Trump lame duck period and now the trade policy will be finalized by the Biden admin.

What does all this mean for you? For kit that is not immediately on hand, it will be perhaps 2 weeks for most items to be shipped. For the globally high-demand kit that is never “in-stock” (allocated to existing orders before arrival from factory) we may show items as “in stock” so that the order can be placed and you secure your “place in line”. Otherwise you will never get the item. Unfortunately Warrior does not yet have a globally compatible inventory feed.

Special Order Items- Warrior Assault Systems Ltd makes large quantity orders available for MultiCam, Black Coyote Tan, OD Green, Ranger Green, ATAC-AU, ATAC-FG. If you want 100pc or more of any WAS kit, please email us for a quote. Typical time frames are 8weeks

Primary Arms SLx 3x scopes also are rarely ‘in stock’ since roll out in June 2020 demand has out-stripped supply. They allow dealers to order in scopes about 3 weeks before they arrive from the factory. When this ‘pre-order’ window opens up, the scopes are placed in an in-stock status. Otherwise pay attention to the stock level. A (-) symbol is a negative number.


  1. Do you send tracking numbers?

    1. It depends. If you order items from our Warrior line, one of our tactical accessory lines (prefix 2A) and medical items, yes. Tracking numbers are added to your order notes as they are printed. Items from our larger accessory supplier are direct-ship-to-you and by the time I get the ship notice and get them uploaded, to your order, the FedEx man is on his way to your house. So in this case we focus our time in getting other orders out the door.

  2. Interested in the Warrior Assault Systems Low Profile Plate Carrier. Looking to purchase it in Multicam/Medium. Just curious if the items are in stock? And if they are not I’m curious about the lead times for that carrier.

    Thank you for your time.
    Stay safe, Mike

    1. LPCs in MC both in MOLLE and LASER cut shipping this month (Feb) Please place your order ASAP & get yours allocated as they arrive at the UK warehouse. I don’t think that this batch from the factory will last long based on global demand. The follow-on MC run will be several weeks down the road.

  3. I ordered a tan pathfinder chest rig on the 21st and haven’t received any information on tracking or status of the item. Is there anyway I can get more information on the item beside that the order has been placed?

    1. Can I get a name or order number?

  4. Hi, im just wondering when ill be expecting my package? I ordered on jan 16 2021 and on here i was told 3 weeks. Via text message i was told 4 weeks then another 2 weeks. I sent a text yesterday and now im not getting a response. Just trying to figure out whats going on. I understand covid and back orders but would still like to know whats going on.

    1. Order number 22268

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