ITAR: The US FEDGOV restricts the export of the following items sold by T3: 1) Gun parts & accessories including magazines 2) Optics- scopes red-dots etc. 3) Body Armor & Helmets 4) Ammunition So if you are ordering from outside the USA, please do not attempt to have us ship these items outside the US. If you do, we will not fulfill the order, and you will incur the costs of your order (Fees charged by processors etc.)

PayPal PayPal has ‘community standards’ which means they are Anti-Second Amendment and assign and evil status to inanimate objects. These evil things include magazines, gun parts and accessories, knives and ammunition. Therefore we have made every effort to exclude PayPal purchase options from these items, but should we fail, please do not use PayPal to purchase these classifications of items.

States and localities with restrictions on certain items: By executing a purchase on this website, you the customer swear or affirm that you are of legal age and status to execute said purchase, and that the purchased items are legal and lawful to purchase, transport, acquire, hold, own, traffic, ship to your shipping location. Additionally, you agree to indemnify & defend T3 Tun Tavern Tactical, LLC its owners, partners, employees, volunteers, contractors, et al from any civil, administrative, or criminal actions brought by any government or agency or plaintiff as a result of your purchase. Additionally, you will incur the expenses associated with your purchase.. including but not limited to re-stock fees and processing expenses.

KANSAS: The FUBAR state of Kansas wants every business in the world to file taxes with Kansas if we sell to you in Kansas. Find a out-of-state friend to forward gear to you, we won’t sell in Kansas.

T3 ships worldwide with the following caveats: We will gladly sell tactical kit to Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Latva, Lithuania and other picked on peoples but otherwise not in China, Cuba, Somalia, Lybia, Pakistan, VietNam, North Korea. We will gladly sell tactical kit to US and Allied personnel operating in the Sandbox (APO etc) But not to questionable locations within the AO We will gladly sell tactical kit to the sons & daughters of Abraham and followers of Yeshua living anywhere in the world. We will not sell anything to known Communists, Socialists, NeoNazis, ANTIFA, Aloha Snackbars, BLM, or any other riotous agitating asswipes.

For what should be obvious reasons, there are no returns on body armor and helmets.

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  • Kyle Hilton
    Posted April 30, 2021 21:19 0Likes

    Rofl I’m going to find a reason to do business with you guys, simply for your hilarious candor. Awesome disclaimer there ☝️

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