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To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.


  1. Good morning

    Can you let me know what order on hold means? Thanks.

    1. Order status ON HOLD means that human eyes have seen your order, and it is not able to be shipped immediately due to one of several factors. It may be in-bound from suppliers, or on back order, or in some cases, like with the SLX 3 scopes, they are rarely in-stock. Back and pre-orders usually account for dealer allotments on factory pre-orders. Do not expect any to be sitting on shelves any time soon. They are terrific scopes, at a great price and Primary cannot make them fast enough. All that being said, the current pre-order batch will deliver to you mid-to-late January.. only a couple of weeks

  2. Any updates for order 22071?

    1. Hi Matt,

      Tracking shows that this has shipped & arrived. Sorry that it took 4 weeks. Have you had the opportunity to use it yet? If yes, would you mind putting a product review up on the page?

      Thanks for your patience and for choosing Tun Tavern Tactical as your kit supplier.

  3. I guess I shoulda put the order # in here, 22243, ordered on 1/13/21

    1. 22243 shipped on 16 Jan 2021 – 3 days after it was ordered. Tracking show it has arrived. By now, you have probably had an opportunity to “play” with it. If you feel so inclined, I sure would appreciated a product review.

  4. May i please get an ETA on mt package?

    1. Hi Chance,

      Terribly sorry for the delay. The MC CPCs are still going to be about 3 weeks before they ship. These are coming from the UK warehouse and an unanticipated allowance of ATIFA and BLM & Chewbacca led Q-anon violence has increased demand for these beyond reserve supply. That being said, I do have a black covert plate carrier available, and can ship that one today.

  5. I placed my order on 1/16 and it says not shipped. Any idea when it might?

    1. Can you supply an order number or your name? I will be happy to look up the details.

  6. Hi,
    I placed my order today 22502, and currently havent received a confirmation email, and I have just checked the order status and it currently says cancelled. How come’s its stating that?
    As I need this item for work.

    1. Tracking Number: 9400136205309683531558 These are on the way. We had a hardware crash & had to get in new computer system. Thanks for your patience.

  7. Is this store still open, can’t get a response.

    1. Yes we are. Best to use text or email if you are asking questions.

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