Fixed low-power scopes

Master the short-range game with the best fixed low-power scopes

Just got a new rifle? The next thing you may want to do is build a souped-up version of it with the highest-performance magnification scope. However, in most cases, you don’t even need a giant scope for your shooting. Fixed low-power rifle scopes can be a better option compared to their expensive higher-range counterparts. Obviously, this depends on your intended shooting activities, but most are limited to medium and short-range jobs.

A low-level magnification accessory increases the field of view, which makes target acquisition easier. At Tun Tavern Tactical, we offer Gen III scopes from Primary Arms with flexible mounting options and exceptional clamping power. What’s more, they are proven to be up to the mark when being out for mobile targets.

The shooting edge of fixed low-power rifle scopes

Scopes are no longer for military and law enforcement only. Even hunters can jump on the bandwagon to explore the best low-budget fixed power scopes for close-range targets. Here’s what you can get with them:

  • Little reaction time. Rifles are mostly used for self-defense or hunting, both of which require you to be nimble. Higher magnification means you’ll need to take some time to spot the target. With a low-power scope, however, you can simply fire at first glance. Those few seconds can make a difference!
  • No heavy weight. An increase in magnification comes with an increase in weight. But low-power accessories from Primary Arms add minimal weight to your rifle so that its portability isn’t affected.
  • Medium-range stability. Low-power scopes are exceptionally handy when shooting medium-range from the sitting, kneeling, or standing position. This makes rifle wobbling effects more manageable compared to higher-power accessories.

Fixed low-power rifle scopes for sale at competitive prices

If you have never used magnification scopes before, start with a low-power one on your rifle. From there, you can better understand what can meet your shooting needs.

At Tun Tavern Tactical, we carry the best low-budget fixed power scopes that are flexible and have a range of potential applications. They come with unmatched durability and precision for your shooting!

Fixed low-power scopes

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