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Tactical communications solutions: SHOOT MOVE COMMUNICATE

When considering commo gear for your family/tea/group, we all currently rely on cell phones. However, during an emergency or grid-down situation the cell phone becomes overwhelmed or non-functional. Handheld, mobile and base radios provide an excellent means of field communications.We would all like military grade encryption equipped radios for our commo gear. However, most of us do not have the resources of the US Govt. Your retreat, family, or group needs to be able to communicate reliably.

What is more important: your gear, weapons, skills, experience, or something else? Most would think about weapons and skills, but the truth is that two-way communication matters just as much. Well-coordinated and timely actions are crucial for any mission. So when it comes to tactical comms solutions, you owe it to yourself to get the best value for your investment.

Tactical comms solutions for any situation in the field

Take your time when deciding on a radio unit. You’ll need a water-resistant and shock-proof device that covers the right radio ranges, operates within the right frequencies, is durable, and long-lasting on its portable battery. The good news is that Tun Tavern Tactical supplies comms gear that meets all your deployment communication needs so that you’re never cut off. Take your pick of a robust unit to bring to the field when your life may be at stake. In fact the offered handheld radio is capable of transmitting your GPS (voluntarily) to your teammates for rescue or co-ordination. These operate on multiple frequencies (some are not typically used in the US ;) and some you should not use during grid-up operations or you may get a visit from the FCC. That being said, most can be used with a HAM licence.

These radios operate on multiple frequency bands, and are capable of both analog and digital (think more private) modes. They can use repeaters and our mobile radio offering can be set up to become a repeater! You can even bounce a signal off the ISS if desired.

When you buy tactical communications, don’t forget about the pouches. You can’t lose your radio in combat, which is why we also offer ultra-convenient attachable bags that can withstand UV rays, acid, alkali, and other combat environments. All pouches are equipped with MOLLE or VELCRO systems for your convenience. Rest assured that your comms will stay with you, no matter how demanding your mission is.

Order never-failing tactical comms online

A successful mission starts with tactical readiness and communication. Never miss the chance to be on top of the situation! Buy tactical comms at Tun Tavern Tactical and get the best tactical communication equipment to be used for US or overseas deployments.

If you have questions you’d like to ask before getting comms, feel free to contact us at 910-494-0018.