Chest Rigs & Back Panels

Get yourself covered with tactical back panels and chest rigs

The Tactical Back Panel gives access to the critical gear or your battle buddies to keep you safe! Triple mag pouch and IFAK!. Buy tactical back panels at Tun Tavern Tactical and rest easy knowing your buddies have your back.

We’ve got back panels and chest rigs that are compatible with DCS, LPC, RPC, and other armor carriers. You can quickly zip the unit to the rear of the carrier using an included MOLLE adapter kit. Some panels also come with integrated pouches providing the functionality of chest rigs for your convenience.

Tactical chest rigs that are made with versatility in mind

Combat load means a lot in battle. If you don’t want to be out of ammo, opting for chest rigs online is a smart move to have plenty of extra cartridges on you. They can be combined with different plate carriers, so you no longer have to choose between adequate protection and filled mags.

Ammo is only one type of the essentials you can carry in your chest rig. You can also attach bolt cutters, ensure easy access to a medical kit, put your sidearm to a special holster sling, and even have a comms unit in the pocket designed for it. The variations are only limited to how you get used to wearing a chest rig.

Meet the gear that’s perfectly crafted for any mission

Let your gear keep you safe from all the dangers when things go bad. At Tun Tavern Tactical, you have various options for tactical chest rigs for sale. Whatever mission awaits you, you’ll always be ready.

When it comes to battle protection, buying tactical back panels online is the quickest way to get the coverage in a hassle-free manner. We can deliver these as well as chest rigs before your deployment date!