Plate Carriers

It’s safety time: Tactical plate carriers for sale

There are three things you’d never want to be deprived of in combat. It’s your gun, luck, and tactical plate carrier. Even though it’s not a panacea from all the dangers that await you, the latter does boost your chances to avoid being listed in the US military casualties of war.

Of course, some plate carriers can be bulky and a pain to carry. But survival isn’t always about comfort. It’s a matter of responsibility and choices you make when getting ready for a special forces mission and shopping at Tun Tavern Tactical.

The good news is that we have tactical plate carriers of all sizes and configurations for your convenience. Front, back, and even side protection is ensured by many Warrior Assault Systems pieces and those from other brands. Covert, low-profile, dynamic combat system (DCS), and other carrier types are available so that you can match one to your gear and mission requirements.

All plate carriers are equipped with detachable pouches for supplies and accessories. MOLLE and Velcro systems provide the versatility and adjustability you seek, so it’s worth getting a piece with them. These carriers also come in different colors for diverse applications (special forces, law enforcement, etc.).

The best thing? You can order plate carriers online and get that extra protective layer delivered to you (if you’re based in the USA). Every item is made using laser cutting and other innovative technologies and tested for durability. You’re sure to end up with a robust plate carrier keeping your torso away from combat-imposed dangers.

Find top-tier plate carriers online for any purpose

Watching another sunrise is always a luxury for a warrior. Make sure that yours are ahead by investing in reliable physical protection from nasty battle-related things. Buy tactical plate carriers at Tun Tavern Tactical today!

These radios operate on multiple frequency bands, and are capable of both analog and digital (think more private) modes. They can use repeaters and our mobile radio offering can be set up to become a repeater! You can even bounce a signal off the ISS if desired.

A plate carrier is like an insurance policy. You may not know when you’ll need one, but you need that coverage before it’s too late. In military terms, you’d better choose a tactical plate carrier for sale when gearing up before your deployment.

Utility and first aid pouches for your multi-purpose gear

So you’ve got your hands on everything you need, including a plate carrier, scopes, chest rig, mags, and ammo. But are you sure you can easily carry your medical scissors, night vision goggles, and other stuff once in the field? If you are not, consider getting tactical first aid pouches at Tun Tavern Tactical. They are designed to hold and ensure easy access to your medical essentials.

For the icing on the cake, we have multi-purpose pouches for organizing your non-medical tools and accessories. Need to carry a GPS device, multi-tool, and compass, to say nothing of tossing those ammo boxes into a dedicated compartment? Explore this collection! These pouches are made from incredibly resistant materials to stand up to acidic, high-temperature, and other environments the field throws at you.

Some first aid tactical pouches are upgraded with the Velcro attachment system and boast specially designed features for instant med kit availability. You can also find utility pouches that use the MOLLE system to attach to any compatible chest rig or plate carrier. With it, it won’t be a big deal to reconfigure your bag to make it easier to carry in your case.

Tun Tavern Tactical constantly widens the range of available pouches to satisfy all your carrying needs. They come from military-inspired brands like Warrior Assault Systems so that you can get a bag that won’t be ripped as easily as a cotton T-shirt.

Life-saving tactical medic packs to carry

Your life is in your hands. When a medic is not around, having the essentials to seal up the wound and keep going is vital. That’s when a handy first aid tactical pouch can be your savior.

But a medical kit is only a part of your must-have equipment. At Tun Tavern Tactical, you can buy utility and first aid pouches and carry what you need in combat, from medical scissors to suppressor covers and night vision goggles.

If you’re overwhelmed with the product line, we can help you decide which pouches fit your purposes right. But first, take a closer look!