Our solution to tactical communications is feature-filled secure comms that we are sure you will find to be the best option for your group.

  1. Rugged – Shockproof and water resistant to 1m.
  2. Dual band (VHF/UHF)
  3. HAM frequencies for peace-time operations – Radio is capable of Tx/rec on 3000 frequencies (some of which you are not permitted to use in US) and some that are used in other countries leaving ‘unused freqs’ locally
  4. Also covers FRS, GMRS, and BUS freqs, and Public safety VHF freqs.
  5. Capable of transmitting your GPS location for search/rescue of downed operator to teammates
  6. Handhelds, compact mobiles, and full power mobiles (match 2 together and create your own secure repeater)
  7. More secure – Peace time comsec – can listen or tx on analog. Or cut out 80% + of potential listeners by using DMR (There are 3 digital tx/rec modes out there, and DMR is the most affordable) There are about 110,000 global DMR ‘addresses’ globally, so that represents limits of potential other listeners. Then there are privacy ‘group’ settings unique to this platform that prevents all but the most sophisticated listener from eavesdropping. Then there are more sophisticated encryption programming available in the radio, but during rule of law, you may not use during peace time (HAM does not permit encryption as that is against the charter of ham licensure).
  8. The handhelds will come equipped with not only the radio, charger but enhanced antenna, spare long-life battery and lapel mic
  9. We are also working on headphone coms for these.

See tactical comms at top of page for products

Reach out – sales@tuntaverntactical.com for more.



  • admin
    Posted June 24, 2021 16:59 0Likes

    SHOOT MOVE & COMMUNICATE: Commo is the weak link in most situations involving more than one operator. From families facing home invasion to trained police officers dealing with an active-shooter situation.

    The gub’ment supplies commo to military and LEO and first responders. This is not the purpose of this page. This is for the individual, family, CERT, or other group that have the foresight to include something other than cell phones or FRS as the GOTO commo system.

  • FirstCivDiv0300
    Posted June 25, 2021 09:01 0Likes

    You said it, brother!
    Our team has moved up to Marine DMR radios. These have some privacy and since we are no where near the shore, the frequencies are fairly clear. DMR is the way to go!

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