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    Posted June 24, 2021 16:59 0Likes

    SHOOT MOVE & COMMUNICATE: Commo is the weak link in most situations involving more than one operator. From families facing home invasion to trained police officers dealing with an active-shooter situation.

    The gub’ment supplies commo to military and LEO and first responders. This is not the purpose of this page. This is for the individual, family, CERT, or other group that have the foresight to include something other than cell phones or FRS as the GOTO commo system.

  • FirstCivDiv0300
    Posted June 25, 2021 09:01 0Likes

    You said it, brother!
    Our team has moved up to Marine DMR radios. These have some privacy and since we are no where near the shore, the frequencies are fairly clear. DMR is the way to go!

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