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Tun Tavern Tactical is dedicated to providing high quality kit at a great value. Tactical Kit Gun Gear
alert: Ukraine conflict causing delays Tun Tavern Tactical is dedicated to providing high quality kit at a great value. Tactical Kit Gun Gear Combat Proven
Weapon accessories
Goodies for your bang stick
Stocks, Mags, Upper/lower, and more
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Tactical Combat Casualty Care
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Tactical Kit Gun Gear
The Cartels are well trained
ARMED & equipped. Are you?
Tun Tavern Tactical is dedicated to providing high quality kit at a great value. Tactical Kit Gun Gear
Civil unrest,
Tun Tavern Tactical is dedicated to providing high quality kit at a great value. Tactical Kit Gun Gear

Tun Tavern Tactical LLC, Warrior Proven Tactical Gear

We strive to outfit Warriors with the best quality tactical kit, at a great value. You will find that Warrior Assault Systems. Ltd & Chase Tactical kit to be well made and holds up to multiple deployments.

Our medical kit is proven and geared for use by Devil Docs, Deltas, & Whiskeys, as well as the CLS. Likewise the LEO , CCP, and CERT will find the right EDC & IFAK here. Students and parents will find the right stuff to STOP THE BLEED.

We have ‘Tuns’ of accessories and goodies for your bang stick.

Commo- The prepared mind realizes the need for comms. We have doen quite a bit of research and present some great options for field commo.

Coming soon- we are working to provide some really great bagpipes with a world class artisan.

Tun Tavern Tactical – Tactical equipment online store for the bravest

When there’s a threat, you don’t want a low-quality radio or super-heavy body armor to diminish your chances of getting through. Tun Tavern Tactical is a tactical gear website born out of this idea. Now that it’s taken root in our mindset, we offer battle-tested, field-proven stuff that you can rely on when things get tough.

Tun Tavern Tactical is a go-to place for corpsmen, first responders, law enforcement officers, CERTs, and other people engaged in special forces. As they come from the best military-centric manufacturers, our tactical gear supplies are oozing with reliability in combat scenarios throughout multiple deployments. Whether you’re gearing up to enforce the law or quell a riot, find all the essentials you need in one place.

Shop tactical gear, comms, and other battle-tested products

Get armed with complete tactical kits that every warrior must have once in the field. Our collections include ammo couches, body armor, helmets, holsters, plate carriers, bags, and everything in between. We have tactical gear that ensures a better sense of safety and helps you access whatever you carry when every second matters.

But no kit is complete without comms – and every warrior knows that. So don’t forget to get your hands on high-security tactical radios that enable multi-way communication. Tun Tavern Tactical carries the best comms to keep you, other groups, and command units on the same wavelength in military operations. Grab a handheld that works for your field needs and stay connected without background noise!

It’s time for knife and gun essentials

Guns out! At Tun Tavern Tactical, you can find everything your handgun, shotgun, or rifle is missing. Think tons of accessories like hand grips and Picatinny rails, ammo, stocks, and optics, all the way to replacement parts. We have triggers and upgrades that can make all things shooting more effective for you.

Plus, you can now add any magazine to your warrior gear. Whether you’ve landed here for traditional 9mm mags or high-capacity AK drums, you won’t leave without a few best-priced options in your cart.

Once your guns are good, consider some EDC knives for the icing on the cake. They make for great cutting additions to your tactical gear, everyday routine, and even hunting trips.

For those saving lives

Get a load of medical stuff you won’t find at any shooting equipment store. From CBRNE survival kits to IFAKs, fill your tactical bag with all the necessary things to take care of casualties. These are must-haves for first responders, Devil Docs, and Whiskeys performing high-risk missions. Most importantly, you can stock up on medical gear to provide first aid and care according to TCCC guidelines.

Like gun accessories and tactical stuff, all the medical kits we carry are combat-proven. Never go without them, whether you’re dealing with citywide violence or invasion. Warriors need to be courageous, not reckless.

Take your time as you upgrade your warrior gear at Tun Tavern Tactical. The decisions you make here can affect your performance there!


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Range 37 PSR is a low restriction tactical RIFLE/PISTOL/SHOTGUN range featuring a 270' Shoot house

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R.A.I.D. Warrior Program


Tactical Training by Special Operations Instructors Driving, Dogs, TC3, Shoot-Move-Communicate, Krav Maga and more

K9 Training

Weapon Training

LEO/EMS Training


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SKY FEST 10-10-2020 Tun Tavern Tactial will have a tent at this year’s Skyfest at the Johnston County Airport . http://www.myusvc.com/pics/skyfest/skyfest2019.mp4 Come out and see us!

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